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  1. 1) Unplug the unit. 2) Hold down the directional button to the Left towards the screen. (the button just to the right of the screen in between where it says "Enter" above, and "Move" below.) 3) Plug the unit back in, continuing to hold the button down left. **This does a hard reset, and you will get all the original factory presets back. You will have to "deauthorize" the unit in "License Manager", then "re-authorize" to get back software "bundles." Obviously you're going to lose any patches you've created. Save them if you need to before hand.
  2. Ok, so I'm gonna answer my own question here. For plugging into an Amp do the following: 1) Flip the switch near the expression pedal to that says 1/4" to "Amp." 2) Hold down the "View" button (top left) for a second until the menu that says "Import Source" comes up. 3) Change "Source" to Guitar, change the the impedance value to 3.5m for "full frequency response." Choose lower value for less. (See page 2.5 of the PODHDX500 Advanced Guide.) 4) Pan down, and set the "Input Source" to "Same and "Global." 5) Pan down again to "Outputs" and set to "Combo Amp" 6) Hit the "Save" button. 7) Confirm All Your Values Are Saved. * 8) Optional. Put an eq at the end of all your chains. This should help get you started on your live sound. It helped me. Hope that helps.
  3. Great Tips Guys! You all really helped me put my finger on what I need to do. Thanks!
  4. You're right about the learning curve. This isn't my first digital board however. No, had to change the global settings, that was 50% of my problem. At this point I'll be taking a an old HD 147 I have with me as a back up. I love the the sound of it, but it's freaken 20 or more years old. Just waiting for it to take sh*t. That's why I bought the POD man. lol Thanks for the response. :)
  5. Definitely makes a difference. Thanks.
  6. You hit the nail on the head bro. lol Looking at FR FR's now. They're just twice the money of a good cab, and most people are getting some colorization from their guitar head anyway. Also, I'm old school, not hauling computers/daws to the dives around here. lol.. ;) I'm looking for some strait consistency and control without doing that. I've got it sounding pretty close to my old HD 147 right now. Still needs work however. Trying it through a PA this week. Thanks for the response buddy! :)
  7. Hey guys, recently bought the POD500X, and I'm having some issues with live sound. I run it strait to a behringer KM750, which is just a power amp, then into a Blackstar Series One 4x12 loaded with vintage 30's. And to be quite honest the unit sounds like a twinkie. Now the cabinet is a little cold for a vintage 30's cab, and I've done the "treat the amp mods like a tube amp" ie. volume and master volume-find the sweet spot, however the unit still sounds like a peanut in a can. Essentially there's little bottom end at all even eq'd. I've heard this thing sound phenomenal plugged into a daw, and it seems like all the players that use this floorboard are bedroom recorders, but I play live shows as well and was wonder if you guys had any tips. Thanks in advance.
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