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  1. Wondering how well integrated the SB mkii is with the new firmware. Any additional features other than the ability to select the different banks? Pretty impressed with the firmware update so far.
  2. Suspect there was a server issue / outage. I tried exactly the same thing a couple of days ago and no luck. However, powering down the amp, and resetting the ipad did help eventually. Update was successful. I think the Amplifi is a great concept and look forward to some software enhancements which will really make these amps amazing.
  3. Wifi. Good news is that I tried it again this morning and after shutting down and restarting my iPad I got the notification that 1.00.5 was available. Doing the update now. Thanks for the help and suggestions.
  4. Tried logging out and back in around 4 pm yesterday. Came up with a server unavailable message. Will try again later today.
  5. Yes, I get to the point where I click Amp Flash and get V1.00 as being on my amp. There is nothing highlighted indicating a new version. This is a brand new amp so may be an issue with it, but wanted to see if anyone else has any suggestions.
  6. For some reason my new Amplifi 75 does not find any new firmware even though it shows as being at version 1.0. I believe 1.05 is the newest, but cannot get my App off my iPhone or iPad to detect the need for a firmware update. Tried refreshing and it says connecting to server, but nothing. Tried it again today and still nothing (thought it was a server issue). Tried resetting, repairing and several other variations. Amp connects to app OK, but cannot get the update to work. Loads settings fine for the various songs. Anyone else run into this? Like the whole product concept, but still seems a bit rough around the edges. Hoping to solve this or I will be taking the amp back while I can. Appreciate any help or suggestions are appreciated.
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