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  1. No. I have never done this. I have done it three different ways. 1. Pod Farm open, running independently of the DAW. Recording input set to "dry" so that even though i HEAR the processed signal, what gets recorded is the dry signal. After this, then I apply the VST. This results in a bad, muffled sound. 2. pod farm open, input set to processed signal. What I hear is what gets recorded, so there is no need to use a VST. This results in the same exact degradation of the sound. Muffled, buzzy, low quality. 3. as you said, from the UX2 to the DAW with pod farm completely off. This way, I cannot hear what I am playing! It's useless to me ebcause if I want to record with a heavy metal tone but I just hear a clean tone, I can't play! Not only that, but this also does not solve the sound degradation issue. I need pod farm open so that I can hear my own playing. It is possible to simply set it to input a dry signal so that effects can be added after recording. this does NOT solve the issue.
  2. I tried amplitube and the sound I got through it was extremely distorted and alien-sounding. not recognizeable as guitar at all. With my UX2 and pod farm, the sound is degraded a bit so that it's unusable, but with amplitube and the ux2, it was like staticy alien sounds from space.
  3. I am never not using POD Farm. It is the only amp simulator that I have and I do not know how to get a signal through the UX2 without opening POD Farm.
  4. I have tried it all the way down, all the way up, and everywhere in between. Same resutls. Can you direct me to one? I would really, really hate to spend another $200 on something that works as poorly as this.
  5. My options here are 16/44 or 16/48. It says that 16/48 is not supported by the device. Is there somewhere else that I should be changing this option? Does this mean that my computer is not good enough to use this box? Please see the attached video for my options. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ewpke7fh4uegz1m/wre.mp4?dl=0 I don't know what this means at all. "clipping in?" What does that mean and how do I tell if it's happening? It's not the input level. I have played with input and output in pod farm and on my DAWs enough to be able to get a good level every time.
  6. So to reiterate: Alice in chains song off the album > DAW > UX2 > speakers > GOOD QUALITY Guitar > UX2 > POD Farm (dry or with effects) > UX2 > speakers > GOOD QUALITY Guitar > UX2 > POD Farm (dry or with effects) > input to DAW > live monitoring > BAD QUALITY Guitar > UX2 > POD Farm (dry or with effects) > input to DAW > recorded and played back > BAD QUALITY
  7. And yes,I have tried track monitoring, and yes, I can hear the lower quality while monitoring. It's clear and perfect when played throgh POD Farm, but when the signal is routed through any DAW for recording, it degrades.
  8. I have done this; media files played through the UX2 sound perfect. It is only the quality of recording an instrument theough the UX2 that has degradation.
  9. Am I being stupid by assuming that the recording should sound exactly like the pre-recorded monitors? Is this device SUPPOSED to work by recording a lower-quality sound? Maybe my problem isn't technical, but I'm just expecting a better result than is realistic?
  10. This is not how digital connections work. A digital signal either works 100% or does not work at all. There is no loss of quality through the cable or inputs like there is with analog.
  11. I don't understand your question. If I record dry, there is a degradation in quality. It goes from clean and clear to muffled and buzzy. If I then add a VST of pod farm to that dry-recorded track, the degradation just carries over to the added effect.
  12. This is disappointing. I don't know why a dropbox link wouldn't work for you. I'll see what I can do. Are the links broken for everyone?
  13. I am not mixing my recording with anything. It sounds good when played live over the monitors and it sounds bad when recorded. I'm not sure how to be more clear on this. The guitar makes a sound that I can hear on my monitors. That's a good sound that I like and what to record. Then I press "record" in my DAW and I listen to what I recorded and it sounds bad.
  14. What's the difference? how do I choose one or the other with my software?
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