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  1. H9 needs 500 mA CS6 gives 1600 mA Is 1100 mA enough for the Pod Go? The included supply is 3000 mA but I don’t know if the Pod needs all of it. I’ve seen somewhere on the internet that the HX effects only needs 1100 mA.
  2. CS6 for the Pod Go and a little more like the Eventide H9?
  3. The Pod Go is almost perfect. It should have midi. Or at last an update so it becomes class compliant and a usb- host would solve the problem. I want to receive midi-clock for syncing the Pod Go with a drumcomputer/sequencer and send PC to an Eventide H9 in the fx-loop. I know, this is NOT very rockandroll or metal but please, not another amp in a future update. Usefull, noncomputer midi a lot of us experimental guitarplayers would like. So, Line6, are you a company of the future or just a revival of the past? Digital Iglo?
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