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  1. I thought about buying on full compass replacements but they dont deliver to Russia. I will send u image of my original sd card. Yes i've tried updates starting from 2.00 up to 2.6.still all leds flashing. There is aleroux guy who did make an image clone from the new mainboard be ordered for replacement. I've asked him to share with so waiting for reply. How would you make analys? Coz it just a raw data?
  2. Hey guys! I've read a lot about problems with Amplifi 75 etc. I really love this amp and felt upset that it is not working properly now. 1) Ihave measured all voltages from power supply and it seems well. +19, -19, +8.11V. 19 volts for speakers and 8V for logic board. 2) I bought a new sd card and upload backup which i hardly found on previous sd card (when i replace sd card last time) 3) there is no problem to remove glue. I just cut it with knife between metal case and sd card and easily remove it. 4) sd card has raw system so it is not fat or ntfs or Any other. It is byte by byte cloning. 5) what problem I have? Well when I switch on I can play for sometime 30-40min. If I change preset by phone than it reboot and 4 leds flashing. Then i need to leave it for some hours before it can work again. Usually it can be related to capacitors but all of them looks fine. Maybe later i will check them. Also if i play and change volume than speakers start screaming like a hell that my heart start beating 150bpm. So lets together find the solution coz line6 themselves doesn't help at all.
  3. Hi mates! Save me! My sd card in Amplifi 75 has died and I couldn't find image! I would be highly appreciate if someone can share it with me. Maybe link on official site or if you keep it somewhere in cloud! Thanks! Ilya.
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