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  1. Thanks for breaking it down for me man! I believe I will go with the powered monitors as this seems more viable in terms of finances and use. one more question, what does DT mean?
  2. Hey All! Just got a new POD HD500X and I'm really eager to use it as much as possible but I have a few questions before I do. Before the POD HD500X all I had was a few pedals in front of my Peavey 15 watt combo amp, for home use or small gig use it was fine as I would mic it and get a decent sound. Now, when I'm at home I'd like to plug it in but when I put it through my little practice amp it sounds horrible as the amp has presets that you can only modify not take off. So, my question is for home use, small gigs, and big live use, what would be the best way and most affordable way to get the sound out of the POD? Thanks!
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