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  1. Hello Line 6, time to wake up now! The answer to downgrade is not an option for the vast majority of people. Amplifi is not the only application on my iOS devices, but it's the ONLY app NOT WORKING on my iOS 9 devices two weeks after Apple released the new version! Of course we want it right, but as many stated, your developers had access to the beta software since the WWDC in June. How is it possible to miss the target in such a way that your faithful, loyal customers gets really pissed and is left with a pice of equipment that becomes pretty much unusable without the patch? F.Y.I I run a software company and is fully aware of that problems often pops up when a new OS is released. But, that's why you make sure that every upcoming version of upcoming OS is installed, tested and fixed long before they are released to the public. I know it's a hard work, but if you're not working in this proactive way you shouldn't develop software at all. New operating systems is not just relased in order to give users new cool features. The most important reason to ALWAYS keep your devices up to date with the newest release has to do with security and stability of the platform that they make the foundation for all other apps and work you use the hardware for. It doesn't matter if it's an iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux or whatever type of OS you run, you have to update in order to get support from the OS vendors. Finally, I have looked at Line 6 lineup of really nice products, but this way of ignorance make me think again if I really should make the investment to change lots of gear to Line 6. Please Line 6, don't let us down! Fix this and never blame the vendor of the OS or the customers that are installing the latest released OS for your flaws.
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