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  1. blasphemier

    Looping over drum loops

    Using the Spider V 240 with FBV3 and I I’m trying to loop some riffs over the drum loops. Every time I do I notice my loop will unsync from the drum loop pretty drastically. Are the drum loops all in time to a click when they were recorded or do they vary ever so slightly in tempo? The only other thing I can figure is that my timing is way off with hitting the looper on the FBV3.
  2. blasphemier

    Connecting Amplifi 150 to a Cabinet

    Thanks Jim! So if I understand that correctly the Amplifi is acting as a pre amp to the Fender? Could this be done with any other head/combo? I love the tone I get from the Amplifi but at high volumes I've found the single speaker just has to much high end cutting through.
  3. blasphemier

    Connecting Amplifi 150 to a Cabinet

    Is it possible to connect to connect the Amplifi 150 to a cabinet? Obviously just using the headphone out will overload the hardware but is there a work around for this? Like connected the amp to a small powered mixer then to a cabinet or something like that? Would like to basically use it as a head as the 1x12 doesn't seem to do the job I'm looking for.