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  1. I did and i also tryed many many patches but nothing was helpful that's why i decided to ask here in the first place :)
  2. Hello everyone :) i'm in need of patches here, i have pod x3 bean and was looking for good rythm, lead and clean tones, one of each it's ok if it's good quality more specifically i can't achieve getting a tone similiar to fall of troy mouths like sidewinder missiles song and one that resembles chon's songs, can you help on these too? thanks so much really need those >.<
  3. Hello everyone, sorry for my english i'm not native :P anyway i recently bought a POD X3 Bean with an FBV MK2 Pedalboard, i'm very satisfied so far, but i believe i need help as this is getting hard :P I started playing with settings and i found a decent clean tone that suited me for the cover i wanted to do of Forever by Paparoach (as a tryout let's say) the problem comes with distortion lol I can't seem to get a decent sound out of it. I tryed with both my Sennheiser HD201 and my Fender 15w amp, but it sounds horrible especially on the palm muted or open string (lowest pitch one). Sometimes sound is decent but it's so much higher in volume output than the clean one that i might turn deaf, tryed tweaking the volume and saving but it seems unworkable. What you suggest? I'd like a simple yet cool and versatile metal settings for the distorted parts of the songs i'll cover for starting to use the pod with reaper. And here comes the second issue. My recording schedule (if we can call it like this) it's like this: Open Guitar pro Tabs, press record on reaper and start the auto tab scroller so i play and record. This worked fine the first day, but now even tough the connections are the same between PC and Pod, whenever the backing track starts i hear only noise and clipping sounds, but nothing changed at all in what i've done.. Also, i believe there's still some latency in the recording, do you by any chanche have a regular setting for Reaper with Pod X3 so latency it's like 0ish? Last but not least, sometimes when i put off the Pod X3, the computer reboot with a blue screen.. which is strange. Sorry for the multiple questions, hope you'll be able to help me out as i can't wait to fully start recording my stuff and covers, i love this tool :D
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