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  1. I bought my AmpliFi 150 about 7 years ago. It worked perfectly until about 3 years ago when it suddenly started losing the BT connection after about 10 minutes and the controls froze. All the Tone LEDs lit up but that was it. No Volume control or effects controls at all. I did a factory reset as per the instructions. However, the problem continued. I spent far too much time trying to sort it out so put the Amp away in the cupboard. Took it out today and tried to sort it out. Turned it on, successfully paired it with my Android phone, plugged my guitar in, played a song or 2 then it just lost all connections and froze after less than 5 minutes. I can't be bothered with it anymore! What was originally a great amp is a now just a piece of junk and a waste of the original investment of $799. Its going to the dump...out of sight - out of mind. YAMAHA sux, stick to outboard motors and motor bikes. PS: When I first bought the Amp the App only worked on Apple iPad. When my iPad died (as they all do in very short order) I switched to the newly available Android version of the App. Both worked fine in the early years.
  2. @cbrillowThanks. 30 years researching and speech writing for politicians helps a bit. ;)
  3. Further to my post of Thursday, 10 OCT - Reporting progress. Although the clue to my problem was in one of the older posts in this thread, I missed it. When the Line6 Techie was giving his advice about updating the driver I misunderstood (or he wasn't really clear) and thought he was referring to onboard drivers. What I didn't realise was that he was referring the drivers on my PC. I went back through the posts and found what I needed. Here it is. But what it doesn't say is BE PATIENT. During the driver update, do NOT have the Amp on or connected in any way to your PC. AFTER the driver has updated THEN follow the procedure for updating the firmware. I very carefully followed the instructions and VOILA, my AmpliFi is back to its best. Don't panic when all the LEDs turn off this is just the updater doing its thing and it takes a minute or two. when the update is completed flashing LEDs will re-appear and the Amp is ready to go again. SOURCE: Line6Tony With many thanks. I'll leave my original post but will edit out the legal mumbo jumbo so people can decide if my resolution fits their needs. Good luck Here are the steps needed to update an AMPLIFi with Windows or OSX. The whole process should only take about 5 minutes. Click on each image to expand it. Windows users: IMPORTANT First thing that needs to be done is to download the Amplifi driver from if you haven't already. Here's the link: Step 1: Download and install Line 6 Updater from, using the links below: Win 7, 8, and 10 OR OSX 10.8-10.11 Step 2: Connect the Amplifi gear to your computer with a standard USB A/USB B cable, and then run Line 6 Updater program. Step 3: With your Line 6 user name and password, log into the program. Step 4: Click on the connected Amplifi. Here, we're updating the TT. Step 5: Click on the latest version of firmware from the top of the list. You do not have to install each previous version, just the latest. Step 6: This page shows you what you'll need to do if the update fails (we'll go over this at the end in detail). In the meantime, hit Next. Step 7: Here's the program doing its thing. Step 8: Once done, power cycle the unit. Step 9: Forget or unpair the Amplifi unit from your mobile device's Bluetooth menu. Press and briefly hold the Bluetooth button on the Amplifi until it flashes quickly. On your mobile device, go to your Bluetooth settings and select the device, as it's trying to connect. Once reconnected, launch the Amplifi Remote app. In the event that the update fails, or the gear isn't rebooting properly after the update, you'll need to enter update mode by holding down "Tone" and "Tap" while booting up. If using the FX100, hold down footswiches A and C. Note: If an update continues to fail, please try another computer's USB ports. USB port stability can vary between computers. NOTE TO FX100 OWNERS: After performing the steps below, you must perform a reset and a pedal calibration. Here are the instructions for that: Report Article
  4. I've read every post in this thread on this issue. I have exactly the same problem with my Amplifi 150. I bought it from an Authorised Retailer here in Australia 5 years ago and only ever used it at home to jam with my music collection. I returned the Warranty Card and registered online with Line6 USA. A brilliant amp for my purposes and its never had problems updating or connecting to my PC. Originally, I connected to it via the Line6 Amplifi App on an iPad but it died after about 3 years (the POS iPad that is). I downloaded the Android version of the App to my Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone and it all connected seamlessly with no issues. Same for the Windows connection via Bluetooth. I jammed regularly with the Amp over the 5 years I've had it. About 3 weeks ago I jammed for about the usual 2 hrs on a Friday night then switched it off. The following day I turned it on to jam some more and nothing. Just the 4 tone lights (not flashing) BT and Tap, lit but faint and no LED around the Volume/Blend knob. I consulted the Manual and tried the factory reset method (rebooting while holding down the Tap and Tone buttons). Nada. Tried it holding down the Tone and Volume Knob. Nada. Connected the Amp to my PC via the USB cable and rebooted after downloading and installing the Line6 Updater. Nada. In desperation, I contacted the Line6 tech via email which they responded to within 48 hrs. They guided me through the processes I'd already tried. However, they kept telling me to update the drivers. I kept telling them I couldn't do that because the Amp was unresponsive and the PC (via cable or BT) couldn't discover the AMP. They kept telling me the same thing. In the end, I stated that I thought they didn't understand my problem. Line6 responded with a recommendation to send it my local service agent, YAMAHA MUSIC Australia for which I would have to pay. I'm loath to go down that path because from what I've read on this thread it seems to be a Line6 manufacturing fault - ie; faulty hardware - which seems to hit the Amp owners at any time from the purchase date to any indeterminate time in the future. It's evident that Line6 should be held to account for what seems to be a globally common problem and that they should issue a recall for all affected Amps and fix the issue free of charge. I own other Line6 products which have never let me down. The company's responses to date leave plenty to be concerned and angry about. In the meantime, back to my lovely British Made, Laney 30W valve amp. Mike
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