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  1. Basically, If I program a preset with distortions and modulations, can I send the distortion trough the line in and the modulations through the FX loop separately, as I would if I had indepent pedals ???
  2. Hi guys, I just wanna know if I in the same preset can send some of the effects of the preset through the fx loop and others through the line output to the amp at the same time using the HX Effects. Thanks Pedro
  3. after a whole afternoon rehearsing (with my old rig) here's the link for the preset radatats: Thank you
  4. radatats: how can I send it to you ???
  5. Hi guys, I really really like this preset, I really can imagine a lot of cool stuff to do with it, but I can't change the key of it. Instead of G#m I'd like to have this done in another key, but I tried to change the key on the first effect of the picture but it stays always in G#m. Can someone help me please ???
  6. Well, I think I solved that issue shortly after my last reply. I don't know how. Hope it does't happen again. :D
  7. That's right, I just did the calibration, and I can't get to the 0 value. It's 255 toe position and the least I can get is 30 at heel position...
  8. Guess not. Doesn't even work as a volume pedal or anything at all in any preset. I'll try do check that calibration thing out
  9. Hello, Just bought my HD500x a couple of hours ago. I don't know what I did, but the expression pedal doesn't work anymore. Can I reset the to factory settings or something ???
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