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  1. Hello everyone, I bought an AMPLIFi 75 yesterday. After unpacking, I carefully read all the instructions, downloaded the AMPLIFi Utility and did all the firmware updates following the exact instructions given in the utility app (including update mode anda factory reset procedures). I tried all the possible solutions given so far in this post, and none of them worked. I experimented all of this with several devices with android 4.4 and with my iPod 5th gen. Still, not only the Amplifi Remote App keeps loosing sinc, as even only playing music from my library with other music players it has lots of interferences. My android device was never farer than 6,5 feet. I have several other bluetooth devices (including bluetooth headphones) than won't show any problems, so I can assure that there are no interference sources issues or barriers or objets in the middle that can cause this connectivity problem. I can even go with my BT phones from a room to another and I feel no interference at all. So, I can only believe that there's some bug that needs to be fixed in the firmwares (because my problems don't happen only with Amplifi Remote) or there is a problem with the BT receiver itself.... I really hope Line 6 can solve this quickly, the amp is great, but without BT working properly, it looses all fun. I have several other products of Line 6, nad never had this kind of problems.... Please, guys, workout a good solution. Thanks
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