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  1. Glad it worked for you, felipegssantos! This is what this forum is all about!
  2. SOLVED! Line6 Support worked with me for a while to figure this out. After performing a fresh install of 'Line 6 Audio-Midi Driver 7.6.8', and restarting my Mac (which is required), I immediately went to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Click the lock to make changes. Click the 'Allow' button next to "Some system software was blocked from loading", and then select the Line 6 Audio-Midi Driver. You only have a few min. after restarting your system to do this before it goes away. This is a huge relief to have this fixed! I hope this helps someone else.
  3. Hi Friends, I just upgraded to a 27' iMac (Catalina OS). I have read all of the other suggestions to get this working, but none of them have worked. I can see the 'Line 6 Audio MIDI Devices' at the bottom of the window in the system preferences, but when I click it, a new window opens that says, "Line 6 Device: No devices connected.". I have also gone to 'Security & Privacy > Privacy' in the system preferences, but there are no Line 6 devices that show up there. Is Line 6 still working on a way for this to work on newer Macs/Catalina? Thanks, Brad
  4. Hi Guys, My old power supply on my HD 500x was cutting out, so I ordered a new one from Line 6. Now, the power supply gets very hot, and the unit continually restarts. I did the whole 'press the left directional button while restarting the unit' trick, connected it to my Mac, and updated the firmware, flash memory, etc. It was ok for about an hour, then the POD crashed my Mac 4 times, lost a bunch of my preset patches, and now whenever I connect it to my Mac, the Mac immediately crashes. Anybody else experience anything like this? Thanks, Brad
  5. Hey Y'all, I usually go dual XLR's out to the mixer. That sounds excellent through the house, but the board mix which is used for the videos of our services, isn't good. Half the time, the guy mixing for video misses solos, etc. So I'm thinking about taking either a headphone or 1/4" line out from my HD 500x to a portable digital recorder, like a Tascam DR-40 4-track recorder, which has 1/4" inputs, and then mix that into the video mix. Has anybody else done this, or have any recomendations? Thanks!
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