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  1. Not using a shortboard, and I should also note that I've eliminated any additional effects altogether. Cord from guitar straight to input on amp. Thanks, Michael
  2. I'm having a volume issue with my Spider II 75w combo. I can't get the volume to go below loud. I've had this amp for years, and I could usually use the master volume knob to level the sound at 'won't wake the neighbors' level. Within the last few weeks, however, I can no longer get it to go below about 8/10 -- on any preset or not. With the master turned all the way down, the channel volume all the way down, and no drive, the amp is still super loud. Moving any of these up does increase volume noticeably, but leaving them at 0 is still way loud! I've performed the factory reset, holding the 'A' button down for about 10 seconds while turning the amp on, but I'm still having the problem. Thanks in advance for any help or insight anyone can provide. Always grateful, Michael
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