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  1. Line6tony. Thanks. I'll be making the trek to Pickering!
  2. I appreciate your efforts. I should probably check for loose connections before driving to Pickering to take the unit for service. I'm not sure that would explain the flashing lights on cut off like its resetting itself. Its a mystery. Thanks again for your ideas.
  3. Michaelawalker. Thanks for the suggestions. I only used the laptop for music playback because the iPad Bluetooth connection was cutting out. I've even tried a direct USB cable from the laptop to the Amplifi and it still cuts out. The laptop is an older one and running Yosemite.
  4. bumpfish. It sounds like you are having similar issues to what I am having. Tell me, when it cuts out, do the four lights on the top of the unit all flash at the same time for a few seconds then the unit resets back on? That's what I'm experiencing. Like someone pulling the plug out and in randomly.
  5. michaelawalker. I am using a Mac laptop but it's only a music source that is either bluetoothed or USB'd to the Amplifi unit. There is no Amplifi App on the laptop so no issue with notifications. So while I'm playing music from my iTunes collection it cuts in and out constantly. If I plug in my guitar it does the same thing. Very annoying. I did get a response back from Line 6 suggesting I bring the unit in to the service centre. Naturally it's out of warranty now but I am getting the impression from reading these comments as well as other forums that these units are problematic. The lack of support on the software updates as well as the dropping of the ball on IOS updates is worrisome.
  6. I don't think it has to do with annoncements. If I connect my laptop via USB just to play my itunes music collection it still keeps cutting out. Same with bluetooth. If it's something simple that I am missing I'd love to be enlightened!
  7. It's not only Bluetooth. My Amplifi 150 continuously cuts out on any music source, guitar, bluetooth, usb. It cuts out every few seconds randomly and then comes back on. Very annoying and extremely disappointing considering how this product was touted as such a breakthrough. I've opened a service ticket but am not hearing back from line six even after the promised 3 business days. Nice customer service guys. Not a happy customer! Please make me happy again and not regret this, and any future, line 6 purchases
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