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  1. Yeah, I've checked out the video already and scanned all the other forum threads. I'll definitely contact Line6 and see where that goes. Thanks for your help.
  2. It does not. My Amplifi has yet to actually enter pairing mode at all. I still attempted to find it on my devices to no avail. It seems that the Bluetooth button is wired up correctly because I have since noticed that not only does the button light when powering on or off but if it is pressed after the other lights fade, they brighten up. So there is recognition that the Bluetooth button has been pressed.
  3. I've tried with both my apple devices as well as other Bluetooth devices.
  4. I just purchased the Amplifi 150 and cannot connect any of my Bluetooth devices IOS or otherwise. When I turn the amp on and off the Bluetooth light briefly comes on, but holding down the button for the 2-3 seconds (or 30 seconds for that matter) to enter pairing mode does nothing. The light doesn't come on at all other than when the entire amp is turned on or off, nor can any of my devices communicate with the amp regardless. I like the amp alright even without the app or Bluetooth functionality at all, but I bought it primarily for the apps modeling capability. Is there any way to fix the problem short of sending the amp back to the factory?
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