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  1. hoops34

    iOS app Freezing?

    Thanks for the update. I was going to ask if you had heard anything from support. At least we know it’s on their radar.
  2. hoops34

    iOS app Freezing?

    I’m guessing this was a recent change on Apple’s part. I have had my Spider V for over a year and have only experienced this problem during the last 2-3 months. Prior to that, I was able to leave the app running in the background, bring it forward to make adjustments and it would never freeze (no matter how long it had been running in the background). This is a relatively recent issue with the app. Also, I don’t have this freezing issue with any other apps. Not sure that this helps you, though.
  3. hoops34

    iOS app Freezing?

    Thanks for posting this Pacemaker. I have been experiencing the same freezing issue for a couple of months now. Only happens when the Line 6 Spider Remote app is running in the background and you switch it to the front again (as you said). I’m hoping that the company will correct this via an app update soon.