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  1. I bought one of the very first JTV69s but have only ever really used it for acoustic because I thought most of the electric patches were poor, particularly the Spank and Lester. Yesterday I thought I'd upgrade the firmware (mine was 1.6) and the first attempt with 2.1 was a failure which wiped all the patches from the guitar! However, some useful help from a Line 6 technician led me to download intermediate FW updates and go through the process again iteratively. This time success. The result is a transformation, particularly for the Lester, which now has some balls! I've not yet checked relative string volumes and will do so but I'm delighted that, thus far, the instrument has been transformed and is now eminently useable. I get the feeling that modelling is finally coming of age. I've always eschewed modelling amps for the real deal valve units but maybe I should now think again.