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  1. Yes, you are correct. I rebiased the tubes as well. I actually tried that first, but that's how I figured out that there wasn't any voltage going to he tubes, then I spotted the blown fuse and replaced it and then rebiased the tubes. :)
  2. Also, I tried to connect it to an old Laney amp. No results there either.
  3. Ok so I did like the knowledge base video suggested and ran a cord from my guitar to the guitar input in the back of the POD. Then ran a cord from the L/Mono to the input of my amp and changed my setting on the POD to "combo front", buuuuuuuut nothing happens. No sound what so ever. Also, the selector on the 1/4" out was also switched to "amp". The amp and pod works fine individually, but I can't get it to work with my amp. Am I blatantly missing something??? Thanks, CF
  4. Nevermind. I found the issue. There was an internal fuse that blew. I replaced the fuse. All is fine now. :)
  5. Ok so a few weeks ago my amp started making popping noises so I decided to replace the tubes. Both sets of tubes were replaced with the recommended tubes stated in the manual. Upon firing up the amp and letting it warm up for 10 or so minutes I kicked the standby switch off and the amp made one pop and then no sound at all came out. I've checked the 2 known fuses that I know of and they are fine. Soooooooo what is going on??? Why am I not getting any sound? Thanks much, CF
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