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  1. I have an Ipad Air 2 WiFi and having the same lost data connection issue. Music streams, device loads, tones search, and then data connection lost. No amount of rebooting, or forget device works. I read on the IOs forum that 9.02 tweaked the bluetooth for their Apple Tv support. Plainly, this will require an Amplfi amp firmware update to fix, not the new remote app. Screwed like everyone else! Line 6....guys this is important to us... we are your main supporters..... treat this like one of your sponsored musicans had this problem. Oh BTW Line 6... it was gracious that you accepted resposability for dropping the ball on your app not compatible with IOs 9 in your thread reply, but in the same reply you state we told you not to upgrade your IOs device...really??? That paragraph should have never made print, your not the only device app on our Ipads/iphones.
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