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  1. I am really fed up with this. The app is updated, so is IOS, now I can't even open the app anymore. Line 6 please come with a solution FAST, this is rediculous.
  2. Hello people at Line6? It seems there are quite some issues with the connectivity; can you please have the courtesy to reply & help? Yes, the Amplifi 150 is potentially a wonderful product, but the connectivity issue makes is very frustrating to work with. This is not what I and a lot of others expected when they choose your product. I have a few friends who consider buying one, but I honestly cannot recommend it to them.
  3. Thank you, Tony, that is valuable information, but I am afraid this doesn't help. The connection is lost most often when using tone search and that is done over Wifi as my iPad uses this to connect to the Internet; not while maximising/unmaximising it....
  4. One more thing to add: it seems that the connection is lost most often when I use the tone search function. Hope this helps?
  5. Experiencing the same issues here with a Amplifi 150. Using iPad with latest IOS. Amp connects with iPad, although I need to push-hold the bluetooth button on the amp to make it connect. The app loads fine and works, but after a few minutes the data connection is lost. Sometimes I have to log in to line6 again. Closing and starting the app restores the connection. Highly frustrating. Seems to me the software is not stable at all. Software version is 2.12.1 Please help.
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