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  1. Yes, all connections are correct. I've used this and other latching/non latching pedals for years. If you could, would you test if the witch engages when you "press" the switch or when you "release" the switch?
  2. I have a Boss FS-7 which can be latching or non latching and also has a polarity switch. I have it set to non latching and in either polarity setting, the effect comes on when "releasing" the switch rather than "pressing" the switch. Can you check if this has the same result on your Pod Go?
  3. I just added a 2 button switch to my Pod Go and it always triggers on "release" instead of "press" no matter where I have the switch polarity set. Is this avoidable?
  4. I really didn't like my headrush FRFR-108 (via amp out) until I discovered that the Pod Go global eq only affects the main out and NOT the amp out. So, I boosted the global eq low by 12db an then moved the eq to the end of the fx chain and lowered the low eq by 12db. It worked perfectly! Now I like my headrush FRFR-108...
  5. Just thought I'd share my new revelation. I'm new to the Pod Go Wireless but not to modelers and I've dove in deep! I tried a couple of FRFRs ,headrush and Katana 50 mk2 and really didn't like what I was hearing so I made a patch to use with my Tonemaster Deluxe and it works fantastic! basically, i use the FX send to the amp and put it after all fx and before amp, cab, ping pong delay and reverb. I have a second delay before the amp so I can have mono delay to the amp and stereo delay to the front of house. This way I get a nice fat real amp sound with the great Pod Go comps ods and fx and a great stereo send to the mixer. Like Comment
  6. My bank switches are always snap up and snap down. How can I get my bank switches back?
  7. I'm referring to the Pod Go (Wireless). The method I suggested is similar to snapshots, you can route multiple parameters to one switch, you just can't turn on/off more than 1 effect. I kinda like this way though because I don't have to switch from stompbox mode to snapshot mode. Also, it's easier to get to preset selection from stompbox mode.
  8. The main issue I have with my new Pod Go Wireless is not being able to bypass amp AND ir in the amp out. It makes no sense to me...Please fix in a firmware update (can't be that hard)!
  9. I don't believe you can turn more than one effect on or off with a footswitch however, I've discovered you can assign several parameters to a footswitch. So you could for instance, turn the overdrive off and then the slap mix to 0 with one switch.
  10. Yes, in the guitar input, I think I fixed it though with a second attempt at the 1.30 update, now it works!
  11. I just got a new New Pod Go Wireless and the G10T is not charging. It flashes red for a while and then goes blank (on the G10T AND Pod Go Wireless indicator). Any ideas before I return it?
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