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  1. Thanks. I do have an HD500X and I'm building a pedalboard for live use because I still want to use most of my analog overdrives. I guess I'll just stick the HD500X in there instead of getting an M13.
  2. Hi, I just want to know if there's a difference in quality of the effects between the M13 and HD500X? I'm guessing they're exactly the same?
  3. Thank you so much for that info! :-) So, is it okay to use the 1/4" output into the Alto or would that technically be incorrect?
  4. Thanks. I've also noticed that the XLR output seems a lot quiter compared to the 1/4" output going to my 2x12 amp. I was expecting to get more volume out of the powered speaker, but I guess Imade a wrong assumption?
  5. Hello! I got an Alto TS115A and was wondering if the ideal way to connect the HD500 to it is by using an XLR cable (left) going into one of the Alto's input? Is it okay having nothing on the right XLR output of the HD500x or is it better to get another XLR cable the hook that up as well? Sorry for the newbish question, but it's the first time for megoing this route. It might also be worth mentioning that my patches are having the mixer panned the left channel to center, and the right channel muted. Thanks!
  6. Hmm, I wish I've seen this before purchasing my HD500X weeks ago. Oh well, gotta make work of what I have now. If all else fails, then I'll just play the flute. How's that for inspiring guitar players? Kidding. :-D
  7. Thanks for the suggestions, guys! I had a look at the L2T and was intrigued by it. Unfortunately when I checked our local prices, it's too expensive. It's retail price is at PHP 99,998.00 or 2288.811 USD. The Behringer looks promising, but I need something set up in a week or two so I might just end up with the Altos. I just wish that somehow those would be able to handle a bass guitar as well.
  8. Thanks for the info especially about the frequency response, at least there's now an additional reference I could compare those speakers. I've been looking around different forums and a lot of POD and Axe FX guys looks to be happy with the Altos, so I guess I'll really be flying out sometime this weekend to get those. But I'll still look around with your suggestions in mind. Thanks man!
  9. I really wish I could do that, but here in our country that's just a lot of pain to do. To try out the Mackies, I'd have to drive 2-3 hours north or my area which is doable. But then to try out the Altos, I'd have to take a plane to go to the other island (same country) where they are available. I wish we had GC's here where I could bring my rig and try it out. But it's encouraging that you mentioned ditching the amp/cab is the best suited setup, at least I'm halfway there. :-)
  10. Hi. I've been really wanting to hear more out of my HD500X and this time I'd like to try it out on powered speakers. I'm just really not having that much success using it on a Peavey 2x12. I've never owned an active speaker, or any PA stuff for that matter, and I was wondering if I should get the Alto TS112A, Alto TS115A, Behringer Eurolive B112D, or Mackie Thump 12A. I know some of you guys would say I should save some more and get something like QSC K12 or K10, but that's just not an option right now. If I wanted to spend that much, I would've gotten a used Axe FX Ultra or Kemper instead of the POD. :-D So, any of you guys tried these? I've heard a lot of good things about the Altos, but they're a bit hard to get in my area so I really want to know if the Behringer or Mackie would be enough? We play mostly 80s/90s rock/metal, but we also do a few modern metal. What I'm trying to say is, a good dist/od tone is my highest priority.
  11. Thanks. I just thought there might some hints at what we should be expecting to be fixed (i.e. the unbearable fizz, etc). Something like expected fix for "known bugs" soft of thing, but I guess that fizz is by design. :-D Yeah, I was kinda hoping there would be some additional/improvements on feature/models. Like from my old modeller (a Digitech RP500), the looper functionality was added on the second major version of the firmware if I remember correctly. Not that big of a deal, but it's good to know Digitech did something the customers wanted after choosing them over the competition. I guess not with a Line 6 though. :-) Yes, but I'm now leaning towards getting an active speaker just to hear the HD500's full potential live.
  12. Hi again. I was wondering if you guys tried putting something like the Zoom MS-50G in front or into the FX loop of the HD500? I do have a Morley Power Wah and putting it in front works quite well. I'm mainly interested with the distortions of the Zoom unit because even if they're not the best, I think they're better than the ones the HD has. I'm thinking of getting one but maybe that's a bit of an overkill? I've managed to dial in decent high gain amp sounds (thanks to zaphodboy's advice), but I just find the distortions lacking something and some are just not usable (honky fuzzes). Also, i'm a brand new Line 6 product user and was wondering if there's any info about the next firmware updates (i.e. Plans, roadmap, etc)? Thanks!
  13. @alexisltd That means selecting no cab at the edit screen, right? In effect, my final tone would then be colored by the cabinets of my Peavey? If I want to use the cab sims properly, should I get a powered speaker or go direct to mixer? @zaphodboy That site was an eye opener. After just a few pages, it pointed me to things I might be doing wrong. Wow! Can't wait to go home and try out some of things mentioned in there.
  14. Thank you so much for that. I'm actually thinking of keeping it even if I couldn't get a good crunch/od tone for now. It might serve a very good midi foot controller and my clean/blueay tones aren't that bad. I'll have a look at the site you've given and hopefully I could dial in a good crunch/overdriven tone.
  15. Hi Guys! I've had the HD500X for more than a week now, and I do like its potential. I wish the distortions/chorus fx were really usable (or an update would come to add/improve on those), but so far everything is okay. I've been using a Digitech RP500 before I got this, and to be honest I'm considering on selling/returning the HD500X this early just because RP500 sounds better to me (same configuration, 1/4" out to amp fx return). However, I've been seeing some good results when the HD500X is being used direct to PA/active speaker. I currently use a Peavey Special Chorus amp and I'm wondering if getting something like an Alto TS115 would greatly improve things from what I have now? I do have the output mode set to combo amp, and I'm really curious if getting a powered speaker and setting the output mode to Direct/PA would improve things a lot.
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