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  1. To my mind pug dealer, the purpose of the global EQ would be to iron out issues with rooms, without messing with your amp settings, as in a sense every patch will perform slightly differently in different environments (venues), I've been working around it by creating patches per venue and using a "master patch" as a starting point and then using an EQ. But, using an EQ takes up a slot, so I was hoping global EQ would free one up (most other settings are save-able per patch) so I hoped it would be similar as my understanding is global EQ will be in the settings menu? so like being able to set variax settings globally or pre patch I think that would be a nice option.... also be cool if you could use the momentary amp knobs to set it rather than fiddling through a menu. Re: the variax standard, I love my JTV69, but to me it looks a bit too star wars, especially the headstock which is fugly, I think the standard looks more strat like and I prefer having the model selectors and tuning dial in the same place (like the jtv-59) finally, the head stock is slightly more palatable.
  2. Great to hear about the firmware update! thank you line 6. Firmware Update/Model Pack questions: 1. Global EQ as in for every patch in the unit, or global as in each patch has a global eq? (the latter being preferable as you could then save eq'd patches on a per venue basis) 2. Will there/Could there be effect packs in the future? 3. Will the amp model packs have a trial period so we can ascertain which ones to buy? Variax (Standard) Questions: 1. Will there be any new models shipping with the Variax Standard or just the existing ones? 2. Might us JTV Variax owners expect some new models in the future? Like a classical nylon string guitar or a mandolin?? By the way love the look of the variax standard, great job! Thanks in advance Sedgey
  3. I started this, so I'd like to finish it, I've read all the comments... it's obvious that it's a touchy subject! I'd like to say this, I'm glad Digital Igloo has chipped in and imparted what information he can with out revealing too much, I didn't start this thread as a Line 6 bashing mechanism at all, in fact in my second post I clearly stated that I like (if not love) my gear, all of which I use on a daily basis, it's because of that that I felt the need to express my sentiments about Amplifi, Dream rig updates and QA. At some point, "the dream rig" became a catch phrase and Line 6 decided to market it that way, as is evident by numerous youtube videos etc while I agree the elements can work well together, I've never felt that much effort went into making it more dreamy! In fact I've had much more success and better sound using elements of the dream rig separately. I suppose what I'm talking about is much about trust and brand management. Now that I understand that no more HD500's will be manufactured but that doesn't rule out firmware updates, I can rest a little easier, but I can't help but think Line 6 missed a trick... the biggest problem with the dream rig is that you cant easily run JTV variax acoustic models via the DT amps, so you either need to get an L2/L3 or run into the PA, The amplifi's unique speaker layout would in theory let you do that... all in the same box. I am and still will be a Line 6 fan as long as you keep coming up with the goods, I'm hoping that you'll do a better job at recognising that by improving the manufacturing quality and taking better care of your existing customers that you'll ultimately reap the benefit, both by word of mouth and through sales, I've personally sold a lot of Line 6 gear via affiliates and to friends by demo-ing it and reviewing via my various publications, but there comes a point.... Idea scale is a prime example of great vehicle being relatively ignored, free market research and idea storming.... there's some amazing ideas on there, but when I see the "implemented" list ....
  4. It's a good pitch, but it is just a pitch, I just plug my HD500 into monitors, or use my Yamaha THR10 (which also fits in a back pack and can be used in the park on batteries). How do you use an Amplifi on a tour bus?? You pitched the dream rig as the ultimate gigging/recording guitarists dream, my hd500 and jtv variax had issues out of warranty, I've also a KB37 that went back for repair, the transport buttons still don't work.... If I had an Amplifi for free I'm sure I'd use it loads! but given that I'm neither a product tester or Line 6 employee, I'm speaking from a customers perspective. I'm just saying Line 6 appears to be all about the new shiny stuff, we like the old stuff too, know what, if I'd had a better experience or if you were showing generosity with improvements on the hd series etc (I'm not talking about fixing the tuner bug) I'd probably have an amplifi already, see the connection? take the money and run.... or lifetime customer/consumer, by your own argument there are less guitarists now.... might it not make sense to keep them happy if they are your bottom line?
  5. no snake oil here! saved me a trip to the service center, works like a charm! thanks for the detailed explanation
  6. Just to clarify what I meant when posting this: 1) I am happy with my line 6 gear (wouldn't have bought so much of it if I wasn't). That said there has been an element of having to return or repair faulty gear, usb on the 500, bad switch on the JTV variax, bad switch on the M5 etc. I am hoping that the Yamaha tie up will improve the general QA as I've never had a similar issue with my Yamaha products. 2) Re updates, we have seen some improvements to the dream rig but as someone said here the 500 and 500x are basically the same, I bought a zoom ms50g when it came out and they recently the added an extra 50 or so effects and amps to it, which is a really great update and makes it great value, people have been asking for new amps and effects all over idea scale, it hasn't happened for a while, and the focus is definitely marketing and improving the amplifi. M range too I'm unaware of any major update there other than bug fixes. Bug fixes aren't value updates, they are necessary fixes to remove programming issues. 3) I'm not likely to buy more line 6 gear if this will be the case in the future, of course technology improves and sometimes updates have to be breaking as the hardware can't support it, I'm just not seeing any serious dedication to taking care of existing customers. Finally, living here in Japan I've recently seen a bunch of price drops for line 6 gear JTV variax, stage scape and older pod hd's, I'm just wondering if someone knows something I don't
  7. I'm sitting here with a huge pile of Line 6 products, that I've bought with my hard earned cash over the last few years, a whole dream rig (jtv, variax, pod hd500, dt25), plus a stage source PA an M5 and a G30.... what happened guys. I've tried this amplifi..... it's a toy. Please spend some time on the pro side of your product inventory, I've submitted a bunch of ideas to ideascale etc and I appreciate a buy out leads to a period of adjustment... but throw us a bone please!
  8. Yes I mean do mean with the Pod HD500, my logic so far goes something like this: podhd output mode combo front l2t speaker mode guitar left channel to DT25 with pre model right channel to L2t with full model Balance Volume on both the L2t and DT25, EQ to taste, haven't been able to get to the studio to try this yet.
  9. Has anyone managed to set up a dual amp/stereo patch using both the l2t and dt25 over line 6 link? Maybe more of a feature request than a current possibility, but just thought I'd ask the veterans anyway, thanks in advance
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