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    dead pickup

    I agree with psarkissian - I used to get faint or "clunky strings" apparently due to dirt or oxidation in the saddle where the piezo element sits.
  2. I was getting ill-effects from the piezo pickups initially - not related to your open tuning issue. It seemed to clear up with more frequent playing. I wondered if there was corrosion on the string, or some mechanical interference or dust where the piezo element sits in its cradle (my term). It was fairly easy to remove the string and the rear panel and gain access to the individual element. Proceed with caution of course! A first simpler step would be replace the strings.
  3. I have a Variax Standard Sunburst, and I run it through the POD X3 Live. Occasionally the sound weakens and distorts. The symptoms are that it might be just one string - sometimes the 4th, sometimes the 6th. When striking a chord or playing a scale, that particular string "drops out." You can hear it but much weaker than the others. I tap on the floating bridge and get a raspy/crunchy sound. So I suspect the connection of the pickup transducer to the bridge is loose. I have tried running the guitar using a standard guitar cable to an amp, same issue - so I'm pretty sure it's not the Variax cable or POD X3. I took the back plates, inspected the electronics and the bridge from underneath, no obvious visual issues. Has anyone experienced this? I am considering taking the strings off, removing and inspecting the bridge...
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