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  1. Yeah, I see what you're saying. I'll need to read up on that mode as I was thinking it was limited. But maybe combined with the banks it could work. Thank you for the direction!
  2. Hello, Typically FS1-4 are used to change effects within a preset. And FS5-8 are used to change overall presets. So, if I want to play clean during a verse and stomp on Distortion during the chorus, I'd assign Dist to FS1. Then I'd toggle that during a song. But, it can be tricky in the heat of things to hit FS1 mid song without accidentally hitting FS5 or FS6 and triggering a completely different preset (I'm pretty nimble, but sometimes my size 12 checkered Vans just don't want to listen to me). It would be much easier to swap those settings, so now I can just hit FS5 to go into Distortion. And then at the end of the song, I can delicately reach up and hit FS1-4 to go to the preset for the next song. In theory I could build two presets (one with Dist and one without and swap between those in a setlist, but of course swapping between presets has a bit of a pause, and that won't work. I'm in a cover band and therefore have a lot of specific presets for our songs. I am currently using at least 8 full banks for a normal gig. Otherwise I think I could use the other footswitch mode that basically gives me 8 effects. The other possibility I thought about was an external pedal that might let me just trigger one effect per preset (or group a few together). I know I can get an external Expression pedal, but haven't seen anything that's just a single button that seems to work. An example song is "In A Big Country". When we get to the screaming bagpipe parts I want to kick on the 3 Pitch Glides I have to get that Stuart Adamson sound (one octave up, one octave down, one on 5ths, all at 30% mix). All advice is welcomed!
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