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  1. I just (8-11-20) bought the FBV Express MKII to controll my POD XT (bean) unit. It worked great until I updated the firmware on my Pod XT with Line 6 Monkey. I had never connected my Pod XT to my computer untill 8-22-20. I decided to download some tones(patches) from the Line 6 website. Line 6 Monkey asked me to downlaod the drivers and update the firmware so I did. I first updated the Pod XT and then downloaded the tones. Later I connected my FBV Express MKII and did didn't work correctly. I then connected my FBV to Line 6 Monkey and updated the firmware for it but it didn't fix my problem. The firmware on the FBV Express is 1.10. The firmware on the Pod XT is 3.01. The problem is, that the board doesn't switch any patches at all. It lights up but acts dead. It dosent respond to any buttons being pushed. The FBV will let me go through the re-calibration process. When I first power up the Pod the B pedal LED lights up and sometimes flickers and the LED for the flat/delay time(TAP) flashes and no letter(ABCD) is displayed. The Vol and Wah LEDs do not light up. When I use the tuner on the POD the FBV displays the tuner correctly as normal but wont respond to any buttons being pushed. Example: If I select different patches on my pod, the respective led on the FBV does light up. Let's say I have 28A selected on my pod. The FBV then lights up on A. I switch on my pod to 28B -> FBV B lights up. Obviously, the FBV should control my POD, not the other way around. If I use the ABCD switches on the FBV, nothing happens on the POD. The red led on the FBV (let's say B) is flickering in an interval of ~2-3 seconds when I power it on. The display shows nothing, until I change the sound on the pod. It then shows ABC or D and the LED stops flickering - > still no function on the FBV-buttons I have tried different Cat 5 cable
  2. Did anyone figure this out? I'm having the same problem. My FBV Express MK2 worked fine until I updated the software on my Pod XT with Line 6 Monkey. Now the Pod will change the FBV but the FBV wont change the POD. I updated the FBV to the latest software also but it still wont work.
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