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  1. all i could figure out was to run the loop station in between the pod x3 pro and my power amp. i could not get it to run through the fx loop what so ever.
  2. Alright I'll try playing around with that when I get home from work! Thanks a lot!
  3. Hey, new member and first time poster! just wondering if someone could help me out. i tried searching through the forums and around google but i cant find anything that really applys to me and what im expierencing so i thought id start something new. I recently bought a boss rc3 loop station since i wanted to add a few layers with different effects on each layer to my playing. i understand i need to run the rc3 into my FX loop of my pod x3 pro in order to do this. heres the problem. The loops i record sound quiet (so quiet its hard to hear, even if the volume on the pedal is all the way up) and if i try playing with the settings in the loop block so i can actually hear it, the sound gets very distorted and even effects the way my original guitar tone sounds. do i have something plugged in wrong?. would there be other setting within the pod id have to mess with? im running my Pod X3 Pro with a carvin dcml1000 power amp into my guitar cab. I ran the rc3 infront of my pod just to make sure the pedal was working fine and sure enough it does. the volume i loop at is the same upon playback everything sounds good, but now obviously the problem is everytime i change effects the loop also changes. this is why i need to get it through the fx loop! any help would much be appreiciated!!
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