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  1. william1385

    Pod X3 live recording problems

    I'll give the driver thing a try, I was using a boss me80 before this and I just plugged in USB and recorded on audacity no problem.
  2. william1385

    Pod X3 live recording problems

    How do I do that i have the volume full on the patch and the master volume controls the recording volume aswell.
  3. william1385

    Pod X3 live recording problems

    Hi, first post. I recently bought an x3 live to record at home, using audacity. I've used the Boss me80 previously with good results but preferred the tones of the pod. Anyway, when I got to record (via usb) it records very low, almost inaudible, but during recording the levels sound great but once I play it back its super low. I've no idea why or how to fix it, any help would be great.