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  1. Are you saying Line 6 used a mini usb connector but used a non standard voltage for the connection. Since it's supposed to all be 5v, and that's what USB is supposed to provide. If that's the case, wow, that was really dumb of them. Actually, I just looked at the manual for the receiver, and it's a 5v dc power connection. It needs 1 Amp. I wouldn't think they would use a standard connection at a non-standard voltage, because that would be a pretty egrigious error. Now I'll see if I can't find the specs on the amplifi 75 usb connection somewhere. I just thought someone might know right off the bat.
  2. Quick question. Can I power the Line 6 g10 with the USB port on the Amplifi 75, or is the current draw too much for the Amplfi's USB port?
  3. Wouldn't interference interrupt the regular bluetooth signal for music streaming. Like I said, it's dropping the amp connection, but the ipad is still connected to the amplifier using it as a speaker with no issues at all. The only wireless things I have running in the house is a wireless network for internet. If you're saying I have to shut that off, then the ipad wouldn't work for amplifi anyway, as that's how it gets internet.
  4. I'm guessing this is a fairly common thing. I figure it's got to be a bug with the app right? I purchased an Amplifi 75 less than a week ago. When it's working it is great. But it's not as often as I like. I'm using an ipad 4 to connect to it. Streaming music is fine, always works, but the app often pops up the dialog that it has lost connection. The music is still going but I no longer have control of the amp any longer. I'm using the latest firmware and the latest version of the app. It's such an impressive concept, but the dropped bluetooth connection is just flat out annoying, every night, after about 15 or 20 minutes it drops, I can get it to reconnect again by double tapping the home button and swiping the app up (to close it) and reopening the app, connects right away, but I shouldn't have to do that. Last night, it was not tone matching either. I'm hoping it was maybe a problem from last night, and not a common occurance. I'll find out tonight when I play with it again. This amp is loads of fun when it works as intended, but I'm just not having fun when I have to reconnect the amp several times basically after every 2 or 3 songs.
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