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  1. OttawaCowboy

    Bluetooth connects right away but app just says syncing then closes

    I updated the app and the amp has the latest update as well.
  2. The Bluetooth connects easily and quickly but the amp either says hardware not responding or more commonly syncing. After a minute of the status saying syncing the app just closes. The Bluetooth connection still shows connected, the app is just not communicating with the amplifier. I reset the amp, reload the program and all the other troubleshooting. After 5 to 15 minutes of trying all kinds of things it works and sounds great. I am however really getting fed up with not being able to just turn it on and play. I have the latest firmware update and have tried all troubleshooting documented. I have had the amp for a month and this has been an ongoing issue on and off. I would have returned it to the store but it simply sounds so good when it works. I have been hoping for an update that would fix this but so far no luck.
  3. OttawaCowboy

    Banks 2 to 25 say <EMPTY>in Amplifi 75

    After a few more reboots it started to work. Problem solved
  4. OttawaCowboy

    Banks 2 to 25 say <EMPTY>in Amplifi 75

    Banks 2 to 25 say empty. I am running the update 1.01. If I click on a bank it gives the error Load Failure ox168ad580. If I reboot all each bank downloads one at a time but each saying empty after the download.
  5. Banks 2 to 25 all say <EMPTY> If you restart the program they all download one by one and appear again saying empty. If you select one you get the error "Load failure (0x17f5faf0) I have the 1.01 flash update installed. I have rebooted both the amp and the iPhone.