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  1. I was able to update my firmware and get my tones that were in fact saved in the cloud reassigned to the banks i wanted. Thanks for the help. I was unsuccessful using the updater via usb i went with the bluetooth approach. I kept getting an error when trying to do via USB. Oh well that is an issue for another time. Thanks again !!!
  2. thank you. I always save to my tones before I bank a custom tone just in case I mess something up or change something when it is actually assigned. From what I can tell all my custom tones are In the "my tones". but thank you for elaborating
  3. sweet. I actually just checked my app again and when i went to my tones they were all there. It must have needed time to update and refresh the list. wheew. I feel a little better now. I will mark this solved after my update hopefully no issues! Thank you again!
  4. Thank you for the quick response! any way to look at my cloud to make sure my tones are there other than the app?
  5. I am about to do the firmware update on my fx100 and It states i will have to do a factory reset. The app is showing bluetooth connectivity and will play tracks but my device is not shown on the list of connected devices. how can i ensure my custom tones are not lost? Thanks
  6. So I am updating the firmware on my FX100 and I cannot see my tones via the remote app. It shows connected but will not show the banks of my pedal or my custom tones i have saved in various banks. To my understanding I have to do the firmware update to see my custom tones and what is actually on the pedal but in doing so I'm certain it will delete all of my saved custom tones... http://line6.com/support/page/kb/_/general-faq/line-6-device-factory-reset-procedures-r435 So HOW DO I SAVE MY SOUNDS ON A SECOND SOURCE it is necessary Thank you
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