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  1. Excellent, thanks so much UberGuru, that makes it all clear! Ill likely invest in POD Farm and thanks for the tip on the moitoring. Youre a legend, many thanks!!!
  2. Thanks UberGuru Im having issues just isolating the dry signal, but if it's possible i'll sort it out eventually. I have been reading forums and watching youtube for the past day, finding different methods. Im trying to stop the wet signal coming back and just hearing the monitored track in the DAW , otherwise theres two different guitar sounds. I asked about the bridge because cubase is having a compatibility issue, spitting out an error with the gearbox vst and amongst the forums, it was mentioned jbridge would help. Thanks for the help!!
  3. Hi Guys, I recently aquired a Pod xt pro, up till now i was using an m-audio fasttrack as my interface. My questions are, Is it possible to bypass the preamp and effects to just get an audio signal through, both to my computer (say i wanted to use guitar rig, just as an example) and to my DAW (cubase elements7) and is there direct monitoring in the unit or do i need to enable that in cubase? Also im running on a win7 64 bit system, so woul dit be better to use jbridge as i ran into some problems with my VSTbridge in cubase? any help you guys can offer is appreciated! Jamie
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