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  1. I found what the problem was. This effect only appears when I´m using the Guitar Rig interface for recording. I've tested pluging the guitar direct to the ampli and it's Ok. I don't know why indeed but it's probably related to digital issues.
  2. I don't have enough experience with variax models. I recently bought a JTV-59 but I'm still trying to discover models and tunings. Something getting me crazy is the fact that everytime I use the alternative tuning 1/2 step down (Eb), the sound of the guitar gets octaved, as it was in the 12 strings model but it's not!! Does somebody have something to share about it?
  3. I've bought a variax jtv59 model and I'm very excited about it. However, there is a point I can't understand so I wonder does somebody could help. The fact is everytime I change tune to 1/2 down, the sound gets octaved as it was in the 12 strings model for instance. Is it normal? Please help me! Thanks and regards from Brazil!
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