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  1. New version installed. This has been going on for several firmware updates for me. Does anybody know what the order of setlists and presets are when Helix builds a bundle? It hangs up on 18, but 18 of what?
  2. Same thing- I can back up setlists, but not bundles. Running PC, just updated to 1.10.
  3. Wanna sell the Gator?
  4. Thanks. Double post due to error message when I posted.
  5. So, if I get the packs for my HD500, and later I buy an HD500X, I can just load the packs?
  6. So, I have an HD500. I buy the new models for it. If I decide to buy an HD500x, I don't have to buy the new models again?
  7. I'm only using dropped D, so I can use the built-in detunings to get where I need to be. At the same time, I like the analog (real pickups) option, and have used them in many of my HD500 patches. Has anybody just detuned the JTV a half-step, and what was the result?
  8. http://nofilmschool.com/2012/07/beginners-guide-wrapping-wrangling-cables-professional-way/ This might help.
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