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  1. So far, the wireless signal of my two G30s work fantastic. Here are some tips to protect it and get the most Eco-friendly workable battery life out of it. Truth is, the design of the G30 is not very robust. One drop and your probably done. The door will break off or the belt clip with snap. 1. Get a Neotech neoprene wireless pouch size small - it keeps the unit protected, keeps the battery door snug, Velcro straps hold the pouch to your strap. I put the G30 in the pouch output side down - there is a small opening just big enough for your output cable and you can squeeze your finger in the top part to turn the unit on and off. 2. Get an 8 pack of Sanyo enloop pro batteries (2500mAh) and a charger. They are more expensive but hold a charge really well and can be charged 500 times. I recharge after every gig and carry a few spares in my gig bag. No issues so far. I hated throwing out batteries after 7/8 hours - not a sustainable solution. The enloops are great and shortly pay for themselves many times over as well and your Green Party consciousness can rest easier : )
  2. Totally greed - IR's take the helix to the next level though I prefer the Ownhammers better that the Redwirzs (I have the "big box) - both are excellent and provide so many options.
  3. This is awesome - thanks for doing this!
  4. My Helix does not sound like this - something is up with your unit. I'd return it to the shop and hopefully get another.
  5. I agree with what others have suggested. Get your sound dialed before going to global EQ. I typically build my patches with an EQ block that I can activate or deactivate for using live (I used a pair of Alto TS110s). When recording I deactivate the EQ block - live w/ the Altos I need to tame the high end so I cut that somewhere in the neighborhood of 5.5 or 6.5K. These set up proves very flexible. Also experiment with the EQ settings at gig level. Good luck -
  6. Hey DI - first off thanks for all the direct interaction that you and Frank have provided these past months on this and the TPG forum. You guys = awesome! I record on a Mac with logic pro w/ and apogee TB ensemble interface - your comment about using the Helix as an aggregate device caught my attention. Could you detail this set up as it sound ideal for many of my recording situations. Thanks!!
  7. Can't back up my Helix - when attempting to I get the above error. I'm using El Capitan most current update. Any ideas or help would be appreciated. Helix is updated to 1.04.2
  8. Sold off my HD500 and now have a Helix and that USB connecter thingy. Tried to access workbench using the USB port and no luck (running OS X Yosemite). I don't believe Helix will port my variax through to workbench. Do I have any options right now? Thanks
  9. rmwpsych

    Helix Wahs

    Yes - I agree. I like to cut the top end frequency to around 1.9 KHz as well. Otherwise the Wahs sound great!
  10. Thanks Beside my crappy typing - I figured it out and is updating as I type! Thanks
  11. Line6 Monkey does not recognize my new Helix. How do I update to the latest firmware?
  12. Unless this is all completely tongue in cheek - I don't think this is forum for a creation versus evolution debate...though the Helix will solve this conundrum for sure!
  13. Initially foced on just the electric guitar sound but that bass sounds are fantastics as well! Nice
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