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  1. Thanks Billbee. I've opened up a support ticket so hopefully I can get this sorted without too much arguing. I've also contacted the repair centre here in the UK and been quoted a £48 inspection charge just to look at the unit which I'm not happy about especially as I have two products at fault but we shall see what happens after I get an official response from Line 6. Just an update on the actual situation for anyone else having the issue, I have tried re-flashing with versions versions of Monkey and the flash itself and nothing works. I have one last thing to try and that is the fact that my interface (M-Audio Projectmix i/o) may have a problem with it's MIDI ports as a restore using a bundle attempt results in "Error Code 800900C MIDI device timed out waiting for a response!" so it 'could' be that and I will try it again with a friends interface when I get the chance but I doubt it is the issue as I have stated the SOFTWARE UPDATING... message appears when I attempt a Flash update via MIDI cables so there is communication there. I will report back when/if any progress is made. Once again thanks for all the help Billbee! :)
  2. Thanks for all your help mate, I appreciate it. I've tried incremental installs but still nothing. I do get the UPDATING SOFTWARE.... message when re-installing but it just pops up with the error message again after I switch on and off. Would anyone who's actually from Line 6 care to comment on this as it's quite a serious issue and not much information on it!
  3. Thanks for the reply and the help method Billbee. It didn't work unfortunately, I just keep getting the error code display. The only thing that works is safe mode B but then again nothing seems to work in that either. it just does it's SRAM test which passes and that's it. I certainly think it is Line 6's fault! I was using their software in a method that should be harmless to the hardware and the result is I get a fault which prevents me from using the product. Rolling back and re-updating shouldn't be a problem, especially as the Flash versions are all still available on the Line 6 site and there is absolutely no warning of this possibly happening anywhere so I fail to see how it's my fault for doing something which should result in not one but two broken products. The very fact that you are weary of Flash updates says a lot about confidence in their software. It was the fact that it happened twice that made me realise that there was something wrong with the updating process that is causing this as before with my bean I just assumed a part of the hardware had went dodgy. I'm out of options now as I've done everything I can think of. A shame as I was getting some real nice tones!
  4. After rolling back my Flash Memory to 1.05 I decided to get with the times and get metal shop so I re installed flash 3.02 but now I get invalid error code 01. Here's the thing, this exact same thing happened when I rolled back and re-updated my bean xt and it now has Invalid Error Code 01 so there has to be something that the software update has done because there's no way I'll believe that this can happen twice from doing the same thing and it's a random hardware fault. I'm connected via MIDI cable and USB and I have tried updates to the flash using both but to no avail, I still get the Invalid Error Code 01. That's two POD Products rendered useless through using Monkey so I think Line 6 need to take some responsibility here as it's obviously a fault in the updating process which has broken something. Neither the POD XT or The PRO were turned on any more than a few times so there is no wear and tear on them at all. I have a band audition very soon which I need my live gear for hence why I was messing around with tones but I'm kind of screwed if I can't get my gear ready and this is paying work.
  5. Yep that the very one. Monkey can see the XT Pro via USB fine but it won't let me do anything. I'll need to start a new topic to get into it fully but this isn't the first time this has happened!
  6. Ahh archive. that's where it was, thanks for that. Shame it's given me an invalid error code now. Will need to start a new topic! :(
  7. Hi folks, I'm looking for Flash memory for my POD XT pro but Line 6 don't have it on their site anymore and the POD XT bean version isn't comparable with the Pro. I've been an POD XT bean user since 2004. It took me all of 4 minutes to find my perfect live tone from my old XT with flash memory 1.05 and I've used it ever since. I wanted the rack version of the XT for convenience but it's useless if I can't get my tone out of it and the newer versions of the amps and cabs don't sound anywhere near as good and are far too fizzy. I'm making an official request to line 6 to personally provide me with this flash memory for my product as I have been a good customer and I don't think it's a particularly difficult request. I assume there must be an archive somewhere with all the versions that can be dug up for situations such as this. Thanks!
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