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  1. thanks very much for the reply. i installed gearbox. it recognises my XT but it cannot access the tones in the Tone Locker (see bottom left of screenshot). Refreshing does not solve it. any further ideas on the problem appreciated! P.s. my aim behind all this is to use Custom Tone and maybe buy the Bass Extension pack.
  2. i am trying to get Line 6 Edit to work with my Pod XT. So far i have: - installed and run Monkey - used Monkey to successfully update the drivers and firmware on my XT - installed and run Line 6 Edit with my XT connected by USB. Problem: When i run Line 6 Edit, it reaches the point where it shows my XT at the stage where you "Select a Line 6 device..." but no matter how many times i click OK, it does not move onto the next stage (see screenshot). i thought it might be because Monkey shows a question mark for the flash memory (see other screenshot) so i reinstalled the firmware but the problem remains. I have also tried using a different USB port but it made no difference. thanks for any help! Running Windows 7
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