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Found 10 results

  1. Dear community, I had a line6 edit program loaded to an older computer several years ago. I recently dug this old pod 2.0 out to test with some newer 3rd party cabinet sims and was impressed with the sounds. I would like to find some editor software so I can deep edit the effects and stuff a little easier. Does anyone know where I can find it? when I look on the line 6 website drop down menu it shows not available? Has anyone else ran across this issue? Is it just such an ancient piece of gear they discontinued the software applications? Any advice, discussion or response is greatly appreciated in advance... Kindest Regards DW
  2. Anyone tried to edit the sounds on their POD 2.0 using Windows 10? I've tried to download Sound Diver and Line 6 Edit but neither seem to be available for Windows 10 as far as I can find. Anyone come across this issue, or found a way to hack it? Cheers
  3. Is the James Tyler JTV-69 compatible with my Pod XT Live hardware and Line 6 Edit software? Will I be able to save variax presets along with my Pod XTL presets? Will I be able to do JTV firmware and patch updates through my XTL hardware and Line 6 edit software?
  4. I have a (now vintage) POD 2 purchased in 2003. It still works great, but I would like to interface it with my Windows 10 PC for downloading and editing tones. The Line 6 FAQ for POD 2 talks about software called "Line 6 Edit," but I can't find any such software on the Line 6 downloads. Also, I'm assuming I'll need a USB to MIDI hardware interface; recommendations? So here's my question: How do I connect my POD 2 to a Windows 10 PC for tone editing? And what software do I use? Thanks.
  5. Hello, Today finally bought a MIDI-USB device to connect my POD 2.0 to my computer. I'm using a LogiLink USB MIDI Cable. I installed Line 6 Monkey and Line 6 Edit decently. The usb device works fine, it is recognized by my computer. Nevertheless, when I try to update the POD 2.0 with Line 6 Monkey, even if I do what it say to do, it doesn't work and keeps saying "Could not connect to the POD 2.0. Please check all MIDI and power connections and click 'refresh' in the Tone Locker". It also happens when I run Line 6 Edit. Please, could you help me, I don't know what to do... Damien.
  6. hi all, thought after years of owning the vetta 2 HD that i would try out monkey and EDIT. unfortunately it wouldn't launch. The line 6 logo pops up for about 3 seconds then the logo disappears and then nothing. task manager says nothing is running. im running windows 7 64 bit and have heard that may be the issue? i installed the java that line 6 edit recommends (believe its 6?) tried to uninstall and reinstall and all that to no avail, did some research and couldn't find any answers.... any help would be great. thanks! :)
  7. i am trying to get Line 6 Edit to work with my Pod XT. So far i have: - installed and run Monkey - used Monkey to successfully update the drivers and firmware on my XT - installed and run Line 6 Edit with my XT connected by USB. Problem: When i run Line 6 Edit, it reaches the point where it shows my XT at the stage where you "Select a Line 6 device..." but no matter how many times i click OK, it does not move onto the next stage (see screenshot). i thought it might be because Monkey shows a question mark for the flash memory (see other screenshot) so i reinstalled the firmware but the problem remains. I have also tried using a different USB port but it made no difference. thanks for any help! Running Windows 7
  8. I've bought a POD 2.0 and wish to view some custom tones. However I haven't bought my usb cable to connect my computer yet, is there any way of using Line 6 Edit (or other software) to view custom tones without having connected the pod to the computer? Any help is appreciated!
  9. My bass player uses a Bass POD XT Pro in a rack and has to drag it to mine (a journey of a couple of hours) for writing and demoing. I have a POD XT Live (NOT the bass version) with the FX and Bass add on packs installed. What we want to be able to do is just dump the Bass POD XT Pro tones to a file and load it into the XT Live, but it doesn't work, Line 6 Edit gives a warning that the tones need to be translated and the resulting tones are nothing like the originals. Is there a way to do this without having to recreate the tones on the POD XT Live from scratch? If we get a Bass POD XT Live will that seamlessly exchange patches with the Bass POD XT Pro? Thanks Tim.
  10. I am having an issue with line 6 edit, I am not able to download tones on 4 different computes to my fbv mkii shortboard running windows 7,vista and xp. line 6 monkey and all drivers are updated but line 6 spider iv edit and line 6 spider valve edit does not recognize my device while line 6 monkey does.I have deleted and reinstalled both edit programs with no fix..I find it odd that monkey recognizes device (fbv shortboard) but both edit programs do not..
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