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  1. Got my M-Audio USB Midisport Uno USB to MIDI cable today and it's working great with my POD 2 and Line 6 Edit and Windows 10 Home v1803. The only hitch is that when I try to browse the online library of tones the Line 6 Edit software crashes, but that's not an issue because I can find and download those presets without the interface.
  2. Ah, choosing Windows 8 is the secret. Thank you bsewart!
  3. I have a (now vintage) POD 2 purchased in 2003. It still works great, but I would like to interface it with my Windows 10 PC for downloading and editing tones. The Line 6 FAQ for POD 2 talks about software called "Line 6 Edit," but I can't find any such software on the Line 6 downloads. Also, I'm assuming I'll need a USB to MIDI hardware interface; recommendations? So here's my question: How do I connect my POD 2 to a Windows 10 PC for tone editing? And what software do I use? Thanks.
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