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  1. i am unable to turn on and off delays mods etc using the same tone on my floorboard is there a way i can edit the tone on my pod hd pro to do this?
  2. I was using the spider iv 150 head now I am now using the spider valve hd100 head no problems when shortboard is hooked up to either head.
  3. I am having an issue with line 6 edit, I am not able to download tones on 4 different computes to my fbv mkii shortboard running windows 7,vista and xp. line 6 monkey and all drivers are updated but line 6 spider iv edit and line 6 spider valve edit does not recognize my device while line 6 monkey does.I have deleted and reinstalled both edit programs with no fix..I find it odd that monkey recognizes device (fbv shortboard) but both edit programs do not..
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