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  1. Dear community, I had a line6 edit program loaded to an older computer several years ago. I recently dug this old pod 2.0 out to test with some newer 3rd party cabinet sims and was impressed with the sounds. I would like to find some editor software so I can deep edit the effects and stuff a little easier. Does anyone know where I can find it? when I look on the line 6 website drop down menu it shows not available? Has anyone else ran across this issue? Is it just such an ancient piece of gear they discontinued the software applications? Any advice, discussion or response is greatly appreciated in advance... Kindest Regards DW
  2. I have the same problem, I updated the system and all the add-ons model packs, FXjunkie, Power/pack, it's all gone, and it's not responding when teathered to the computer - like when I tweak the setting's . yet if I move the knobs on the unit, it shows-up on the computer. I wish I had never updated the hardware. like when I load Gilmourish tone, I get a error because the Tube-Driver is gone, and it's prompting me to choose a different stomp. I don't like this. I paid for all those add-ons and now they are gone, I have been using this thing for years, it's not like I don't know what im doing.
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