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  1. On 3/18/2022 at 2:41 PM, silverhead said:

    Describe your cabling setup and the position of the FX Loop in your Pod Go presets. If you have FX blocks in the preset that are positioned after the external looper when it’s playing back, then the sound of the playback will be processed further by those blocks.


    And on the other side of that coin, the post-looper FX blocks will not be included in the looper while it’s recording.

    on the boss mono A  instrument  in  to  guitar  ,  boss mono A output to   pod go guitar in  put ,  Fs2 and the end of the chain . 

  2. I have connected a boss rc 500 looper pedal to the pod go and it records the loop i make but then i want to change the patch from the pod go  it also changes it on the looper pedal ,  just wondering if there is a way it can record the sounds without them changing ? 

  3. Is this a good idea having Two HX stomps  One for the front of the amp for effects  and the other for the effects loop time based effects , but keeping them both separate .

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  4. I am using my helix stomp for effects only and using it my  Tube amps fx loop , Can anyone explain how i  route the FX on the Helix  stomp, example say i want some of my  FX going in the front and some not how do i set this up from inside the helix stomp . 

  5. I remember i did an update on my pod go yesterday and to day i noticed when moving from  my snap shots there is a loud sound for about a second,    it didn't really effect moving from a clean patch to my solo patch in snap shots but  only  when moving from my solo patch back to  to my clean patch i heard a loud sound change   .  Just wondering if anyone else has noticed this very frustrating  .

  6. I am Thinking about get a Variax Guitar but don't have a clue how they work , First off  i have a pod god so  will a Variax work with the pod god ?  How dose changing to different Guitar models work ?

  7. On 2/12/2021 at 2:05 PM, grdGo33 said:

    You can put it in the fx loop, after the go, or before the go; however you want!

    I am new at using   looper pedals and i am  not sure how to connect it to the pod go  , i am using the boss rc 500 , it has two instrument  inputs  A-B   and two output A-B

  8. Just wondering what you guys are using for  with your helix ,  At the moment Its only for home use,  I am thinking of  frfr  or do you think its over kill for volume ?

  9. think they might have blocked my account as I did try to remember the password but it came up as wrong .  so then I did the email retrieve username or password but it doesn't send unless you have to wait .

  10. 1 minute ago, cruisinon2 said:


    Ok, I'm confused...if you don't know your password, then how did you log in to post this? 

    my old computer saved the password it doesn't show the password only stars but lets me login  , I have a new laptop so I need the password to log on from that .

  11. Forgot my password to my account so I filled in the forgot password by email,  says it sent it but I have been waiting 10 minutes , re sent it again still no email back,  does anyone know how long it takes ?

  12. 3 hours ago, LutherDeLorme said:

    I have a Helix LT and use a Xenyx mixer. LT > Line out > Mixer Line in under the mic inputs > Main out to Yamaha powered studio monitors. I pan the signal (see picture). I use a 2 x jack to 1 mini stereo jack cable to connect my iPad for jamming (this cable isn’t in the picture).




    I haven't used a mixer before but I will mostly set mine up the same way and use my laptop for backing tracks  , Just wondering  if you are using mic level or line  and how are you finding the sound? , I found this helix video they say to set both 1/4 and lrx to line and the mixer if you can .


  13. 5 hours ago, ric1966 said:

    Yes, like Silverhead said. Sending line level to the mic inputs makes it easy to overload the mixer’s preamp. You can always trim it down on the mixer, but most sound men are expecting a mic level signal and have their controls set accordingly. It just makes things easier to send the level they are used to. The Helix gives you flexibility to set the XLR outs to either mic or line level, so you can choose the approach that best suits your needs.

     I have ordered my helix LT so I will get to test that soon so  thanks for clearing that up , At the moment I am basically the sound man ,  I would like to know if I was to  create  a patch at line level and I was to then change it to mic level would I have to re tweak the patch for the change or would the patch sound the same minus the volume change . .


  14. 4 hours ago, silverhead said:

    Probably because most XLR inputs on a mixer are expecting a microphone (mic level signal) as the input device.

    yes  but he could easy change it from inside the helix for XLR to be line level so I thought they might have been a reason for him to stay at mic level with XLR .

  15. 4 hours ago, ric1966 said:

    I’ve always had good live sound results using mono XLR out to a mixer at mic level. I also use the mono 1/4” straight into my powered monitor at line level and it works fine as well. I set the volume control to affect only 1/4”, which allows me to change the volume on my monitor without changing the level going to the mixer (a great tip I learned in this forum!) Advantage of XLR would be the balanced config, which could eliminate some noise over a long cable run. I don’t notice a big increase in noise with 1/4” over a 15’ run, so you would probably be OK saving your XLR inputs for mics. I don’t run stereo since I only go into a mixer when playing gigs and we run mono for FOH, but it should work fine if you have enough input channels. You will probably get a more focused answer to your question if you state your end use, i.e. are you using the mixer to record, run live sound or monitor Helix in your practice room?

    Hi! thanks for your help ,  I just wanted to know why you run at mic level and not line to your  the mixer 

  16. I have some questions about using the helix lt with my  802 xenyx mixer   ,   My first question is Should I use 1/4  or lxr ? my mixer only have 2 xlr inputs and there for mic so I guess I will have to use 1/4  or I could get a cross cable from 1/4  to xlr ,also I will be using   stereo so I will be using 2 channels on the mixer  . so if anyone has experience in using a mixer with the helix LT I would like to hear any tips .

  17. 55 minutes ago, pianoguyy said:

    Depends on what you need out of it.

    Well its  for home use it will be my go to amp for playing at home , I will be using it with studio monitors maybe a mixer , 

  18. I am looking to buy a hd500x or firehawk fx and  I am not sure which one two get  , Do they sound the same?  I have read up on both and I still cant decided I have heard some people say the firehawk sounds a little bit better but I don't know if this is true .

  19. There are 2 factors - one is the sound source and the other is the volume.

    Google fletcher munson curve.  This fact that perceived frequency response varies with volume might be part of what you are hearing.

    The other part is that guitar amps do not produce very low or high frequencies - this is a really good thing for guitar tone, and very important for distortion.  What sounds like "creamy" distortion as reproduced by a guitar amp sounds like a harsh buzzing when run through a full range speaker system.

    You might also find the different reproduction systems and that volume curve are what is giving you a harsher sound through your monitors.

    Most people here find they cut everything below 100Hz and above maybe 5500Hz to get back that creamy quality.  It also makes clean and apparently very hifi tones sound rounder and nicer.

    Maybe this will help?


    a lot of what your saying makes sense I will be trying a few things out in order to get a better sound , at the moment   I use my helix at home so I don't need it too loud , other than making my own basic patches I am some what a novice at this tech  and I haven't a clue what you mean by cut  100hz /  5500HZ ?  

  20. Just got myself Helix LT  very happy with it but I have noticed and the same goes for the hd500-  I like the sound better using headphones , I can't say the sound is bad using my studio monitors because its not its just to me  it sounds better with my headphones . I have tried to understand why !  is it because they are closer to my ears and I can hear more  detail in the sounds , Is it because the volume is much lower , ? again I don't know but if I could replicate that sound on to my studio monitors I would be very happy . SO I was wondering if anyone else feels this way and had better success with studio monitor setups ?

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