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    Snapshot help

    Using helix LT I spent sometime time last night learning how to create snapshots and I can work this on the helix but the problem I am having is when I try and do this with just the software editing , when I put my amp cab in controller assign , then to snapshot , in snapshot 1 I then set the drive bass mid and anything else down to 3 in level , then I go to snapshot 2 and move every up to say 5 Level , when I move between the snapshots the only think it remembers is my drive level , This is just one example basically it only remembers my drive level and nothing else .
  2. I have just upgraded the firmware 2.21.0 and when i open the Editing software it says , Helix Device not connected . I am using a laptop windows 10 and I tried different usb ports but still wont work.
  3. I have helix LT and I am creating one patch for a rhythm and another for lead , so basically i want path 1 to have a rhythm setup and path 2 to have a lead for soloing , I want to be able to switch between the two paths , How can I assign a single path to a foot switch ?
  4. Dazzer40

    Helix LT

    I am thinking about up grading from the HD500x to the Helix LT and have a few questions , currently I use a usb from the HD500 to laptop and I can use utube to play backing tracks and play along, the hd500 is the only thing connected to my speakers and this then plays both the backing track and my guitar patch, Will this work like on the Helix LT the same or is they any other ways? My next question which is the best way to connect Two monitor speaks XLR out or 1/4 out ?
  5. Dazzer40


    Hi! I went in to the looper menu and it was already on ( post )so I click between pre and back to post - but my loop recording sound still changes when I change patches so not sure what to do :wacko:.
  6. I think what I am look for is a ~Clean boost , When I play over a backing track there are parts in the song like the solo parts where I feel the sound gets washed out by the drums ect. so I need to boost the sound To get the guitar solo to stand out more . Which are the best ways to boost the sound ?
  7. Dazzer40


    probably really easy to do but I am stuck - when using the looper I record my loop and play it but when I go to change the patche for different sounds to play over it the looper recording changes to that patch can anyone help me?
  8. Just some Questions about a stereo setup I have noticed some effects are mono and stereo can some one tell me where I need to place the effects in the chain to to keep them in stereo without summoning mono? 2:. Do I need to pan L & R in the mixer for stereo or can I keep it centre . 3: Dose the same apply with a dual amp setup ?
  9. I am recording with Ableton live 9 - Windows 10 - 2 monitor speaks - hd500x straight to laptop usb . I have noticed the sound is different when I listen back on recording . when I play back the guitar part which I use heavy distortion it sounds like fizzy or over the top distortion sound in the recording. So if I hit record and start play my guitar it sounds right but when I play it back on the recording the guitar sounds different .
  10. I am thinking about getting the Firehawk fx and have a few questions about it . First is it fully compatible to my laptop windows 10 and can I run the app on windows 10 ? Also Can I play backing tracks from my laptop using usb ?
  11. Well I am holding off buying one until they bring one out, It doesn't seem a major thing when you consider the price of the helix, The screen is good but there is still plenty of people that will want software editor
  12. Dazzer40

    hd500 to mixer

    Just some advise on the hd500x I am not using an amp with it would it be ok to plug it straight in the my mix and PA, and also which cable should I use to the mixer
  13. Dazzer40

    Hd500x help

    I have a HD500x and two studio monitors with 1/4 and lxr , I would like to know how I can get true stereo out from the HD500x? On the Hd500 It has two un balanced 1/4 mono inputs / and two lxr Balanced ,
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