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  1. He send me the packs as a gift after I created my own account on which I bought Bass Expansion yesterday. And this is my only account
  2. Any ideas why? :( Yesterday I purchased it, it shows up on my license manager, but none of the bass amps or cabinets are available in my POD Farm.. I restarted my PC several times and updated all sections in Monkey, still i can't get access to it. both, UX1 and PC are authorized, I have metal and classics addons working just fine (got it with the Toneport from previous user) I was hoping to use it for rec session today.. / Toneport UX1, POD Farm 1.12, Bass Expansion
  3. Oh, now i get it.. sorry i'm new in all this. Recently i bought toneport ux1 and some addons, gb and pf1 were free so i thought that something is wrong with the pf2, nut everything is fine, it's just... not free :D Thanks for your help good people!
  4. Yeah, i did that. PF 1, it appears just needed some time - everything works fine :D PF 2... just in trial version. Depends on my license? POD1 is just fine but i'm just curious
  5. Using gear box, everything is fine, but in pod farm / pod farm 2, there are only basic amps and stomps. What should I do?
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