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  1. Thank you so much. When you say IR, that refers to any sort of speaker cabinet emulation whether it’s coming from the helix or the powercab? I don’t have any downloaded ones or know how to make them haven’t got that far yet so I’m just using was stuck in my helix and if I get the Powercab. The reason why I went this way is because everyone seemed to say that there’s sound is much more consistent from place to place I thought that was kind of the point of the whole FRFR system versus a tube amp which I ever have which is always all over the place. So I’m wondering where people are saying this consistency is coming from if every speaker are you going to is going to colour somehow or maybe it’s just less than waking a tube amp?
  2. New to helix and looking to buy a powercab. What mode would give the most accurate representation of the tones you dial in at home to when you say go to a gig or jam with friends. Assuming you send an output from helix/powercab out to FOH. I’ve tried powercab and headrush 108 ans my PA and they all sound different so I’m confused. Is it even worth it to get a powercab?
  3. i was wondering same , got one from store and new to helix so dont really know what patches or settings to use with powercab....hense why some sounded good and many awful. too many variables when u use presets or downloaed tones from custom tone shop or whether to use helix or powercab as cab etc......find it bit confusing especially if you got them both new at same time. tried headrush also 108 but again knowing all the little tricks to get realistic tones.
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