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  1. Thanks man. good info... I'm gonna try a few different things. i didn't think of running an amp and cab block with the gain all the way down out to the desk. that might work .. lots of experimentation on the cards. so cool that you can actually do these things with it.
  2. i won't be using a Helix modelled amp live though... I'm wondering if i can put a cab block after a real tube preamp
  3. yeah I've been reading your posts about your custom IRs, i tried running an preamp block and cab earlier and it did sound pretty ok. my idea would be to get a complimentary Di'd sound going direct to the desk that i can blend with the real mic sound. its something I'm loving about Helix , the amount of routing options and outputs are just fantastic
  4. Im gonna be running my Helix in 4 cable method with a Mesa Boogie Formula Preamp in Fx loop 1 and then send the 1/4" outs to a Mesa boogie 50/50 power amp and then micing a speaker Im wondering if i could put a cab block or IR in parallel at the end of the path and send that out via the XLRs and direct to the desk ? would it sound weird using a Cab block or IR with just a preamp ? I saw a member here making IRs of a power amp and speaker , i guess getting some of those would be best . but I'm curious as to whether the included cabs would sound ok , since they have a lot of options between speaker, Mic, distance, early reflections etc i guess ill need to experiment and see, but i havent had a chance to hook up the Helix with my gear yet and test the theory.
  5. i opened a ticket, and got the firmware updated by using the Updater programme in offline mode but i still can't log into the updater, every time i try i get Invalid login.
  6. ok in addition to this, every time i log out of line6.com when i go to log in again it tells me Incorrect password; error 286 is this some kind of glitch with Line6.com ? this is the third time today I've had to reset my password to get into the forums
  7. I just got my Helix today and I'm trying to upgrade it to the latest firmware before i start really getting stuck into it. I've downloaded the latest Helix App Version 1.11.1 but every time i try to open the Updater it tells me i have invalid login my details are correct as I'm logged into the the Line6 website fine. i've tried uninstalling the updater and helix app and also changing my password to a simple no character one all to no avail Im running a Macbook Pro on El Capitan version 10.11.4 I could upgrade the firmware if i had a direct download for the file, i can connect the helix to the updater in offline mode Any ideas what the reason for the Invalid Login is ? I'm losing my patience , i really wanna get using it but don't wanna use the older firmware.
  8. Im having a similar problem with the updater, i keeps telling me invalid login I'm on El Capitan V. 10.11.4 I've tried using a different password with no characters . nada. can i down load the latest Helix firmware and just install it in offline mode ?
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