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  1. I do not have the service manual yet. I would appreciate a copy at eric dot jenkins at gmail dot com Thanks!!
  2. I am definitely going into the save the vetta business. =)
  3. I just need vetta parts. Do you know someone who has a dead vetta? If so, I'll pay cash for it. Let me take that paperweight off your hand. I'll even pay shipping. hit me up! eric dot jenkins at gmail dot com
  4. Jenk2k

    Still Here,

    (btw, i'm really looking for a head, not a combo)
  5. Jenk2k

    Still Here,

    I sitll have two vettas for live use and I need a third now for backup. If you're selling I'm interested. I can buy them for 400 all day long used at guitar center. So somewhere in between could be a win win for both of us. What geography are you in? I am in north florida.
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