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Community Answers

  1. Hi Edwin, I didn't have a problem someone else did, I only suggested a possible cause and solution. I have no idea how it came out or if a solution to the problem was found.
  2. Scott my guess is you'll have better luck finding a complete amp with the digital card in it than just the VDI card alone and probably for about the same amount of money.
  3. DickFoster

    Vetta users

    It shouldn't be too hard to find someone who can swap out the battery for you. It's a simple task for a good tech.
  4. DickFoster

    Vetta users

    Go to the Vetta II facebook group and you'll see a lot of folks still using them.
  5. I If you have two vetta amps I think there is a procedure to dump the OS from one to the other directly without a computer in the loop. Of course they both have to be the same kind of amp i.e. head or combo but if they are the same you're supposed to be in great shape. I forgot where it was but it's out there on the web somewhere.
  6. We Well in that case I guess you're up the proverbial creek unless you can get Line 6 to help you. Which is doubtful.
  7. Line 6 no longer supports the Vetta with Monkey. You'll have to do it the old way. Go to the Vetta users group on Facebook for detailed help.
  8. No part number but it;s a common pop in, double pole single throw, rocker switch with spade terminals. Should be easy to find on any of the electronics parts suppliers on the web. Pop it out and measure it to get a replacement that will fit. BTW I think they only use half the switch so a SPST would do the job.
  9. DickFoster

    Vetta 11

    That's one nice friend. Longboard or short?
  10. I agree the Vetta is a great amp although it lacks in support from it's maker.
  11. Monkey no longer works as line6 disabled it. it was a web based tool that was unwise to implement in the first place as it added far too many places for bad things to happen in the updating process. Best to use an update file and a direct connection to the amp instead of adding a bunch of internet garbage to the chain.
  12. That's good news. What were you doing wrong?
  13. I've only used the Uno and I think it was the only recommended midi cable to use. For no more than they cost it's just not worth messin around with it. Do everything you can to ensure success from the onset.
  14. A After checking all the ribbon cables connection I suppose the next step it to check out the power supply. Again the best place to share this these days is the Vetta group on Facebook.
  15. Some have reported good results with later OS software. I have XP so used that but you should check the facebook group for more info.
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