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  1. Thanks jak_E_lee. That was the trick. I can hardly believe it was this simple. Nobody knew what caused this, so I spent a fortune on amps the last couple of years. And now I fixed it in less than an hour (Including a trip to the store for some Contact Spray) Thank you very very much!
  2. DickFoster, Thanks for your response anyway. Like I said it is already my second Vetta with the same problem, and nobody knows the solution. I was glad I came accross this post where somebody had the same problem. Still not solved... :-(
  3. DickFoster, My first Vetta II had the same problem as you describe above. For that reason I bought another one, wihich now is having the same problem. Line6 was not able to help. Did you find out what the reason is and do you by any chance have a solution? Because this weird sound is getting rather disturbing. Edwin
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